Code Protection

Most of the genuine software’s always provide Code protection. This is a type of security provided by the software companies so that only authorized persons are allowed to operate the software.

This is created to avoid any software piracy by hackers. Once a legal copy of any software is bought for cash, we are provided with a code protection for downloading the software from the internet. Without this code, you will never be able to download any software developed by these companies.

Companies spend millions of dollars for research and development (R&D) of software and it is not possible to just hand it over for free usage. In order to recover their cost of investment, they provide these codes so that only authorized members are allowed to download. Today, for e.g. you can download windows 7 software from the internet by paying the necessary charges to Microsoft and in return they will provide you with a code for you to download the software

How to protect a code

Java is an important programming language mostly use in internet base development. It is a very popular and demanding language now a day. Internet hacking is very common thing. To protect your site and development work related to Java is very important. To protect java byte code first you have to check that you have compiled your code properly before running. The reason is that sometime an illegal code can be placed by an applet to destroy the main code. So compile properly and save at secure place. Another protection is name as obfuscation, which means to rename the identifiers of classes use in java code and also rename the fields and methods and remove the debugging information, encrypting the strings literals. This shows that change original source code to be difficult in reading. Then pass that file through the obfuscator and a new version of source file created with correct syntax but with confusing code. This way no one can easily change the source code.

Code Obfuscation Necessary To Protect Your Work

In today’s world of increasing threats and security breach, few methods are to be employed to prevent such malpractices. For example, any line of program code should be encrypted and decrypted to prevent from code theft. Following this method offers good software protection and the hackers find it difficult to reach the code. But it is quite difficult to encrypt and decrypt when there are million lines of code. In that case, this technique has some serious disadvantages. Thus, Java byte-code protection is necessary to protect the entire program and the confidential details. Losing important data from the program might cost the company’s reputation and damage of the brand identity.
There are umpteen numbers of protection options available in the industry. One of the easiest and most sought after ways is the code obfuscation. Code obfuscation uses reverse engineering techniques and it is economically feasible in times of need. Code obfuscation not only protects the code but also prevents the hacker from using the deobfuscator tools. Code obfuscation is nothing but generating lines of codes that are easily executable and understandable by the computers but impossible to understand by human beings. Without actually changing the original function of the program, you generate code that the computer will be able to translate and understand.
When ample time is given to the attacker, any experienced attacker will find a way to breach the security. That is why, code obfuscation is employed which will take time to hack the code. Even an experienced attacker will find it difficult to crack the code. Also, there are different types of code obfuscation available in the industry depending upon the distribution of the software. For example, if the source code program is distributed, then source code obfuscation is employed. Thus, using the appropriate way of code obfuscation will protect your work.

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